Injury - I've heard high intensity training is dangerous Financial - Money is tight right now Out of shape - I don't know if I'm ready to start a fitness program I'm a loner - I'm not a big fan of group classes I don't want my "before and after" to be seen by everyone Location - It might be too far away Busy schedule - I need to make time for this

 Definitely - I'm looking for a place like that I think so - Sounds good, but I've never done it Probably not - I want to look good at all times and I don't need the support anyway

 I love this already! Judgement-free, Positive Culture, sign me up! This sounds pretty good but I'm not so comfortable helping others No, I want to get in and out and get my own shit done

 Yes, I'm putting this all in your hands. I will do the work just as you say. I'm ready to change! I'm not sure Nope. Working out is hard enough, not willing to focus on food

 Not at all - I know it's gonna be tough, but I'm ready to change Somewhat - I don't want quit, but I'm nervous this will be too hard Very - I have serious doubts whether I can handle this

 Absolutely - Duh! I have lot's of friends and I want us all to get healthy! Probably - If I thought my friend could use it I'd rather not - That would make me uncomfortable

 Stay at home mom Student In school Unemployed Employeed full-time but am not happy in my position Employed part-time Already own a business Work from home

- I'm going now!