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As a mother myself, I know just how scary and painful pregnancy can be. It seems like you’re going through it alone – no one else can feel what you feel, no one can sense just how uncomfortable you are both emotionally and physically. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why I created these three calming meditations. Each one will help you feel more and more relaxed, at peace, and comfortable with your pregnancy. Listen to them at least three times a week (and several times during labor) and watch as, almost magically, your pregnancy goes from painful to pleasurable. You will no longer feel drained, scared, uncertain, or ill.



The best way to quickly discover if The Mindset Breakthrough is the missing piece in your life is to attend our next FREE webinar broadcast. This isn’t some BS sales pitch or boring slideshow session with some lady telling you to go “hug a tree”; this is a valuable, live hour of proven, actionable steps, worksheets, and ideas that you can implement and use right away. Your goal should be to leave this workshop fully capable of changing the way you think, so you can move gracefully through your life transition.

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Throughout the years, I have shared my insights with friends and even strangers; people asking me if they could “pick my brain” or telling me “I like the way you think”. Now for the first time ever, you can get a good look at the ways in which I bring solid positivity into my life, even in times of adversity. And you can take your own insights from my experiences; use this book to help breakdown the best ways to overcome your own life’s struggles.

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Imagine getting your workout in on YOUR TERMS! That means wearing whatever you want, grunting as loud as you need, sweating on your own mat (not the one shared by thousands at a gym- EEW GROSS!) and having the recovery formulas as close as your kitchen! Not to mention, teaching your kids healthy habits at home!

When we work together, I provide for you the workouts, meal guides, eating plans, recipes, shopping lists, a daily dose of high dense nutrition meal replacement shake, 30 days free of On Demand; like the Netflix of workouts that you can stream anywhere, group support, and 1 on 1 coaching from yours truly.

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You crave freedom in your life, your finances, and your time. The idea of working when you want from wherever you want sounds like a dream come true! The word “limitless” gives you butterflies in your stomach. Imagine being successful on your own terms and using your passions for helping others to better the world.

I mentor woman who know they are meant for more to build their own, at-home health coaching business—even if you have no previous experience. Throughout this intern coaching program, you’ll get access to our exclusive, beautifully-structured training website plus a custom “Love Your Life” printable life planner that will help you map out the nitty gritty of launching your new business.



“Meliss, I want to thank you so much…having just completed your program…When I started this journey I wasn’t sure if it was for me…I had just had a breakup…was lost, depressed and full of fear, and beating myself up the it was my fault…but you suggested to give it a try. Some days were very difficult to get thru but as days went by, I learned how being grateful for where I am was changing my feelings and was finding relief. Now today, I’m so much more in touch and paying attention to my thoughts. Meliss you were a blessing in my life and I will be forever grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Helen R., Former Aid to the Developmentally Disabled


“Meliss, you are an AMAZING goddess with a bright shining light! Your gifts are plenty and you beauty lies both inside and out! Your energy is infectious and I love how you foster relationships with so many other AMAZING souls! Continue doing good things!”
Lynne Martin Moloughney
“Meliss I just want to say that you are an amazing person and coach. Your truth and desire to truly help others has helped me with several decisions I have put on hold and after participating in your program I have been able to make a decision and commit to the decision I’ve made. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for direction and hope in trusting themselves in all that they do. I wish you abundance in all that you aspire to accomplish. Namaste”
Bernadette Loneia
“Meliss, your loving energy and beautiful smile, which comes from the inside out, is inspiring and magical. You are always available to help, and it is so clear that you are excited about helping people bring gratitude and love into our lives, whether it is our relationship to money, people or things. You have inspired my life with your uplifting energy to live in the magic of life every minute of every day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
Aliza Musleah Goldman